About Us

Nesma Recycling is one of the largest wholesalers and processors of paper, plastic, and scrap metal in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The company consists of three operating divisions: Nesma Metals Scrap, Nesma Waste Paper, and Nesma Plastic Recycling.

Nesma Metals Scrap Division buys non-ferrous and ferrous material, precious metal bearing, used beverage cans (UBC), high temp alloys, and electronic and composite metal scrap from industrial and manufacturing companies, recycling centers, and independent scrap dealers. Nesma Recycling provides a comprehensive range of scrap management and technically advanced scrap handling services for all types of industry accounts throughout metropolitan Jeddah and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Extensive scrap processing and preparation is completed at our facility situated near the industrial area of Jeddah.

Nesma Waste Paper Division provides a broad range of paper scrap that is cleanly bailed. This division buys and sells OCC material, double sorted corrugation, box board products, millboard, over issued news print, tissue paper, and mixed waste pulp, in addition to other paper products. Paper is processed at a unit situated near the Petromin area of the city. At this unit Nesma employs one of the best bailing machines in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Nesma Plastic Division is a recycling factory situated in the Industrial Area, Phase 5, in Jeddah. It is here that plastic scrap, as well as rejected new material, is crushed after sorting and cleaning. After melting at high temperatures and the formation of the material into small granules, it is then sold in the local market according to the requirements of our customers. This division primarily concentrates on light density polyethylene, high-density polyethylene, and polypropylene plastics.

Nesma Recycling is a member of the Bureau of International Recycling.